Minggu, 13 September 2015

About Me

My name is Mochamad Fiqri Arrazaq. I live in Bandung. I'm 15 years old. I'm from SMPN 45 Bandung. I'm now studying in SMA Negeri 3. My favorite food is fish. My hobby is playing games and drawing. I always spending my weekend to playing games. I have 1 brother. He was student in SMPN 14. I live in De Lavender Town house kav. C-26. I always playing games at weekend, because at weekend i have lot of times and that is my parents rule. My blood type is A, just like all of my family member.

My favorite lesson is biology, because i like to learn about creature especially animal. I have a lot animal encyclopedia. When i was a child i always watch NatGeo channel. I like to reading book too, but i really like reading comic book than my school book. I really like Tintin comic, because it's have wonderful story. Unfortunately, Tintin comic only have 24 episode, because the comic artist Herge was passed away. When I'm an adult i want to be a scientist